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e.g. That project doesn't align with the company's goals, so we're not gonna do it.
downsizevt. 裁减人数,缩小规模
e.g. He tries to micromanage his team by telling everyone how to do their job.
e.g. This business is small, but it's scalable and has a lot of potential for growth.
speculate on/about …
e.g. If we take time to streamline this process, we will lower costs and be more efficient.


a case of the Mondays指周一不想学习工作的懒惰症
arm rest(凳子)扶手
cameras monitor监控摄像头
card-locked door刷卡上锁的门
copy machine
first day of work新上任第一天,工作起始日
office chair办公椅
outsourcing company外包公司
pain points(行业,客户)痛点
pay stub/slip工资单
pie in the sky画饼,泡影,指不切实际的企业或繁荣的前景。
red tape繁文缛节,繁琐流程,似官僚主义
staff shakeup人事变动,组织人员调整
swipe card磁卡
probation period试用期


BQ (Behavioral Question)行为问题
EOD (End of day)一天结束时。通常指下班时候。
e.g. We need this report by EOD on wednesday.
FYI (For you information)供你参考
JD (Job Description)工作描述
OOO (out of office)不在办公室
OTE (On Target Earnings)预期收入
Salary DOE (Salary depends on experience )薪资取决于经验
TGIF (Thank God it's Friday!)谢天谢地,今儿是周五


ahead of the curve领先一步,引领潮流,比其他人、公司等更快地做某事
all go down the drain全打水漂了,付诸东流
all hands on deck全员出动。指要求所有人参与某项任务活动。
e.g. We need all hands on deck if we're gonna finish this project on time.
e.g. The boss called for an all-hands meeting on Thursday.
be on top of sth充分掌控…
e.g. You need to be on top of the project to ensure it succeeds.
be paid extra for overtime有加班费
e.g. Will I get paid extra overtime?
bounce some ideas (off) of sb取取经,向…请教
call off / cancel取消
catch up on赶上,补上(本应早些时候做的事情)
e.g. I need to catch up on my emails
check in with sb.与…报到。与某人联系,常指为告知自己情况或获取他人意见。
circle back返回
e.g. To circle back to my question earlier, when do we need to get this done?
corner the market垄断市场
cut corners走捷径,抄近道,偷工减料
dress casually休闲着装
dress smartly/formally穿着得体
drop sb. an email给 … 发邮件
drop the ball失去、放弃重要的机会、时机
first thing in the morning早晨第一件事。通常用于强调某项任务或活动的优先性。
e.g. I don't have time to finish the report today, but I will do it first thing in the morning.
flesh sth. out为 … 丰富更多信息、细节
follow up with sb.跟进。在某行动之后采取进一步的措施。
from the ground up
start from scratch
get a raise获得加薪
get back into the swing of things重新投入到正常生活或工作中
get back to sb.回(消息、邮件、电话)
get down to开始做某事,集中精力或努力做某事
Meaning: to stop making small talk and start talking about serious business topics.
get in on the ground floor从某行业、项目、计划开始阶段就参与,以便获得更多机会、优势、利益(如股票、投资)
get in touch/contact with sb.与…取得联系
get off work下班
get sb up to speed跟上步伐,步入正轨
Meaning: to have all the latest information.
e.g. I know a lot has changed but don't worry. I'm gon' bring you up to speed on everything.
get/have one's foot in the door一只脚已踏进去了,指通过获得某机会进入某组织、行业,开始建立联系以获得更多机会。
e.g. I always wanted to work in a tech company but it took me two years to get a foot in the door.
give me a call/ring/bell给我打个电话
go to work上班
have a slice/piece of the pie/cake分一杯羹
hop on a call通话。指快速来一通电话讲明事情
in the black盈利
in the red亏损,赤字
join forces with …与…联手,与…合作
keep sb. in the loop让…了解情况
Meaning: To inform sb. and keep them updated about a situation or project.
e.g. Please keep me in the loop about any changes to the new schedule.
keep that in your back pocket把 … 揣兜里。指把想法点子先放着,之后考虑、讨论
kick off开始,开启(活动)
knuckle down开始努力工作,全力以赴
e.g. We need to knuckle down and finish this project.
lay off裁员,被解雇
off the top of my head, …在我的脑海中 … ,我立马想到的是…
off you go你可以走了。用于告诉某人可以离开做某事。
on call待命,随叫随到
on the horizon即将来临的
pick one's brain向某个对某主题了解很多的人请教信息或意见
pull through渡过难关
pull sth off成功完成一件困难或意外的事情
pull (a few) strings拉关系,走关系,利用人际关系达到某目的
e.g. She pulled a few strings and got me an interview at the company.
push back
put off
push forward
move forward
e.g. We pushed forward the meeting so that Harris can attend.
put a pin in sth暂且搁置。表示暂时停止讨论某话题,以便在将来的某时再继续讨论。
e.g. Let's put a pin in it, and we'll discuss it at next week's meeting.
seal the deal达成协议
see it through坚持做某事直到完成,努力把某事做好
sign off on sth正式批准某事
slack off摸鱼,(工作上)偷懒
split hairs斤斤计较,在小事上争论不休,过分专注微小无意义的细节
suck up to sb.拍 … 马屁
take on board (advice)接受新想法、建议,并相应采取行动
think on one's feet随机应变,形容一个人头脑反应很快
think outside of the box打破常规思维,跳脱思维框架,创新角度思考问题
to be above board光明正大的
to be on the ball保持警觉,机灵高效的,保持信息灵通的
e.g. Maintaining contact with customers is vital if you want to stay on the ball.
to be on the safe side为了安全起见
to call it a night
to call it a day
to go the extra mile不遗余力,加倍努力
to see / look at the big picture要看大局
to play hardball(协商、办事)采取强硬态度
up in the air悬而未决的
wrap my head around想透…,弄明白…
work late / over time加班
work my ass off玩命工作




Could you speak more slowly, pls?你能说慢点吗?
Could you speak up pls?你能说大点声吗?
Do you have time / a minute?你有时间吗?(帮我忙)
Do you wanna grab some coffee right now?你现在想喝咖啡吗?
I didn't quite get that. Could you go through that again?俺没太明白,能再过一遍吗?
I'm looking for a job.我正在找工作
I'm waiting to hear back.等待(公司的)回音
My connection has broken.我的连接断了
My hands are tied.我无能为力、爱莫能助、手足无措
Sorry, would you mind if I asked a question?抱歉,我可以问个问题吗?
The screen is frozon/blank.屏幕卡住了/空白的
The image and sound are out of sync.音画不同步



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